Gamified Learning

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Gamified Learning

Concept Management Of Business By Gamification. Integration And

Gamification is designed to make non-game activities more enjoyable and interactive. Karl Kapp, a respected expert on the convergence of learning and technology defines gamification as “a careful and considered application of game thinking to solving problems and encouraging learning using all the element of games that are appropriate.”

Gamification uses all the best attributes of games that bring out people’s desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression. People participate in learning activities that allow them to earn points, overcome challenge, or receive stars for completing tasks, but without the win-lose structure of a traditional game. Gamification is used to engage people in learning when and where it’s convenient, information can be distributed in shorter bursts over a long time period and is not intended to be learned in one setting. Gamified learning can be delivered in a classroom, however, it’s gaining real traction in online learning environments. The game elements can be combined with technology to deliver a learning environment that closely resembles games that people prefer.

Some characteristics of gamification are:

  • Clear and instant feedback
  • Easy to understand progression paths
  • Simple cues to define the next action
  • Easy to identify ranking and performance

The purpose of gamification is to allow users to gauge their progression and performance. As this includes regular testing and instant feedback the learner’s incorrect skills and knowledge can be rectified in real time. Successful answers and actions will receive immediate scoring, the technique used in gamification enhances that of tradition training.

The benefits of gamified learning is that it enhances the retention of learning through repetition, association and stories. This method also enhances behaviour based learning, the goal is to shift employee’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

According to Gartner, 40% of 1000 global organisation will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations. Business currently use gamification to increase customer retention and even boost sales.

Most of the participants who tried gamification learning are in agreement that it is a tremendous way to acquire new skills. Motivation strategies may also be developed while using gamification, this learning system is a more efficient solution to a company’s training needs.

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