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Making Environmental Health Safety & Quality Compliance as easy as booking a flight!

We digitally transform, traditional paperwork & traditional processes

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Empowering companies all over the world to fundamentally deliver more efficient complaint safer workplaces, in a whole new way!


EHS Management System

Safeguarding employees, companies & machinery from under the one roof!

Your new EHSQ Hub that allows you complete risk assessments in minutes, maintain employee training records in one easy to access location, report and act on health & safety occurrences in seconds, store legally required documents securely and automate notifications! Saving you Time, Cost & Money

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Procurement Management System

Ensuring efficient operations and an optimal bottom line

Taking advantage of technology to improve supplier management, standardise procurement processes and enforce company compliance, all help you to lower your business costs and become a more efficent operation.

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LOTO Management System

When in doubt, lock it out!

Protecting employees from the unexpected energisation or start-up of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities. Could there be anything more important!

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eLearning Solutions

Separating the wheat from the chaff!

Training is evolving as the world goes digital. Classroom training isn't obsolete, and it never should be, but businesses that are not using advances in eLearning technology are quite simply not minimising costs nor increasing efficiency.

Customised courses

Customised Courses

Aligning your company's culture, messaging and branding with best in breed 'off the shelf' courses, allows you to deliver exceptionally cost effective online training whilst still keeping engagement and compliance at very high levels.

Bespoke courses

Bespoke Courses

Gain competitive advantage by marrying the extensive experience and know-how of your own subject matter experts, with our world class instructional designers, to deliver unbeatable industry and company specific training.



An LMS doesn't have to be complicated! Quite simply everything you need to deliver and manage high-impact corporate training, not just across your company but also to your customers, subcontractors and suppliers

Buy courses

Buy courses

All 'Off the Shelf' courses are not the same! Montessori education is learner-led, where the philosophy of self-paced and self-directed learning ensures increased memory retention and performance, by encouraging independent thought and critical thinking.

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