dulann Ergonomic Management System

dulann Ergonomic Management System is a compliant & efficient way of ensuring your employee ergonomic needs are met, your employer safety obligations are adhered to, and your business commercial needs are surpassed. It's critical that ergonomic training is completed for every employee that uses a workstation, but it is also critical that an ergonomic assessment is carried out on every work station that the employee is working from

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Reduce Insurance Costs and Lost Time

dulann Ergonomic Management System is a Simple Five Step Solution:

Ergonomics Online Awareness Course
Self Certified Exam
Employee Self Assessment (on any and all of the workstations)
Remote (or on site) Assessment by a Competent Person (Yours or Ours)
Propose Remedial Action (If required and based on a pre-agreed traffic light approach)

dulann are a full service provider and can also provide a team of independent multi-disciplinary ergonomic consultants if required.

Online Ergonomics Theory Course Topics include:

  1. The meaning of Ergonomics
  2. Health and Safety Law including DSE Regulations
  3. Workplace injury, Work-Related Illness
  4. Organizing your Workspace
  5. Maintaining a Safe Working Environment
  6. Self-Assessment
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All About People

Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone has the same exposure to technology, nor do we all have the same literacy skills. For this reason mobile first is simply no longer good enough. We build software that is 'Journey Driven' as we recognize that there are those who need to know a lot and there are those that need to know an awful lot, but there are those who simply want to complete a simple task and get on with their day.

It ain't Rocket Science

We digitally transform, traditional paperwork & traditional processes! It's that simple!! Your systems work, all we are doing is helping you digitize what you are doing so that you can become more efficient and cost effective!

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dulann Ergonomic Management System

Access to independent appropriately qualified Assessors can also be facilitated at an extra cost, through our Partner Network.

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Per Person

Includes: Ergonomic Management System de dulann Ergonomics Online Awareness Course Self Certified Exam Employee Self Assessment

Making your Workplace more Efficient, Compliant & Safer!