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Personalisation of content improves knowledge retention and memory recall, which in turn increases compliance. Regardless of whether you are searching for “off the shelf”, customised or bespoke course content, it’s important that the material creates that all important emotional connection as well as integrating your brand into the training topic.

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What are the advantages of good Instructional Design?

A common misconception is that all organisations need to meet minimum standards is a pdf or PowerPoint on a particular topic!! Wrong! Simply put, instructional designers are experts in understanding how people learn, and in particular how people learn using technology. Combining skillsets of technology, psychology, education, and communication skills, results in a course that ensures the learners receive training in a form that is effective and meaningful to them. All of course increasing employee compliance.


Customised CoursesCustomised Courses

This is where our Instructional Designers hang out the most. Exceptional value for money as we can brand and customise 10% of our “off the shelf” courses to look and feel like your own!

Bespoke coursesBespoke Courses

For those training courses that are specific to your business, and may in fact give you a unique competitive advantage.

ElearningeLearning Courses

Choose from a suite of our 40 “off the shelf” courses that are all built using Montessori and Cognitive principals of learning.

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