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Traditional eLearning, if implemented correctly, offers an extension and at often times an improvement in efficiency, as opposed to “facilitator led” training. Customised, or personalised eLearning as it is sometimes called, marks a significant shift towards “learner centric” thinking.

So what really is the benefit of customised, learner centric eLearning? Well the main benefit is that you can personalise the courses based on a number of areas such as site specific conditions for example, or even job roles as another example. The resulting benefits of that customisation of course is that you don’t treat the learner as a homogeneous entity. By not doing so, you end up with a learning experience that means something to the learner and as such they are more engaged in the process and thus achieve much greater compliance and productivity. When you think about it, the benefits of a Fire Safety Awareness Course that deals with real access & egress issues, that deals with real assembly points, that deals with real Fire Warden details, is far more relevant to the learner than a standard course bought off the internet.

Whether you would like our assistance with a customised or bespoke course build, our team focus on creating eLearning based on two well established learning methods: Montessori and Cognitive.

Montessori promotes a self-paced, self-directed and absorbing lesson.

Cognitive engages learners in the learning processes, following a process that allows them to use their brains more effectively to make connections and to reflect on their experience when learning new things.

Talk to any of our offices today for a no fee consultation. We promise the personal and business results are significantly greater than any homogeneous course and significantly greater than video based content.

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