Top 5 eLearning Takeaways from Learning Technologies 2019

The Importance of Upskilling: Turning Towards Online Training
March 30, 2019
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Top 5 eLearning Takeaways from Learning Technologies 2019

It has been almost 5 years since the UN report on eLearning confirmed that eLearning was “as effective, or better than Traditional Teaching”.

The eLearning industry has advanced significantly within those five years and the advantages of online delivery have only got stronger.

Our recent visit to Learning Technologies 2019, Europe’s leading workplace learning exhibition and conference, led us to pen a quick note to transfer our knowledge from that event and how the trends have evolved in the last 3 years alone.

Every year #LTUK2019 provides us with an invaluable insight into trends, and sometimes fads, in the eLearning industry and this year was no exception. It’s easy to see why this is the leading eLearning event in Europe as 231 Exhibitors were on show in the Excel Centre in London, attracting an estimated 8,500 attendees.

Of enormous benefit to the attendees is the 150 free L&D seminars that take place alongside the exhibition. These seminars continue to grow in importance and popularity over the last period of time.

The trend witnessed by us in 2017 was certainly around gamification and gamified learning. Back then the event was dominant by people dressed in fluorescent colors and prancing around like they were in an episode of Willy Wonka. The euphoria had all but disappeared this year which was a welcome development. Gamification has its place in eLearning that’s for sure but it must be introduced in an orderly fashion.

Moving forward to 2018, the Umpa Lumpas had given way to Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. You couldn’t move but bump into some overenthusiastic marketeer encouraging you to try out the latest course (which inevitably didn’t work or was a major disappointment). Thankfully again this euphoria has all but disappeared.

That is not of course to say that either trend has gone away but certainly the hype has all but gone away as the real world reins in some of the excitement. This has predominantly got to do with the commercial realities of producing bespoke pieces of content and at the moment realising that the ROI is just not high enough until the cost of production reduces.

2019 saw welcome developments for Dulann as the current trend and key to future success, lay in trying to better understand not just how people learn, but also how people live and work, particularly in an ever-changing environment. This is welcome because for quite some time Dulann has been focusing on a Montessori and Cognitive approach to building courses, which allows for better memory retention.

It is also clear from this year’s exhibition that there isn’t a silver bullet technology or roadmap that fits for every client. eLearning companies that succeed are the ones that focus less on a very specific technology and more on the unique business challenges of each client and then trying to tailor a roadmap to solve those challenges.

There was definitely a greater focus this year on rapid authoring tools which allows some of the larger corporates to convert “flat” content into an eLearning course. There was also a significant undertone of caution with these systems as they simply don’t have the intelligence and insight of a skilled instructional designer when it comes to learner engagement.

This year was all about learner engagement and learning experiences, and the reality is that a tool alone doesn’t deliver results. We are seeing those trends in Ireland all the time now as employee retention becomes a big issue and learning is seen as a key driver of retention.

All in all, a great event and is highly recommended.

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