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February 15, 2016
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Time Savings

Reclaim up to 58.3% of your Time Back by using an LMS

One of the principal ways to tackle inefficiencies in an organisation is through additional and improved training. But as arranging training around a busy operation schedule is already near impossible, the prospect of increasing the training activity any time soon is a long way off. That is of course before you start calculating the significant additional costs associated with traditional training.

Of course you could look at an online provider to reduce those costs and increase efficiency but the burning question is always how to maintain if not increase the quality of learning. That’s where the magic happens, but we would say that wouldn’t we!

Forget the usual arguments of saving on facility costs, printed materials or travel expenses because whilst they do have an impact, they are minor in terms of the efficiencies that proper eLearning can truly deliver to your organisation.

Whether it’s mandatory training or training to improve performance, the employees still need to be trained. This training still takes time and money so is there really a genuine case in moving from a traditional bricks and mortar setting to an online environment? We hope our knowledge and experience will demonstrate to you the significant benefits that many companies are already experiencing.

Unlike most, we will be upfront and honest by saying that eLearning is certainly not applicable for every course and it also is not for every person. What we will say though is that the efficiencies and the cost savings are significant, and as for the quality of the learning….well studies show that eLearning can have a 46% increase in employee efficiency.

Deploying an LMS Solution

In our series of blog’s, we will demonstrate the true facts on deploying an LMS solution. This particular blog will deal with where your organisation can significantly increase efficiency and thus reduce overall costs by reclaiming valuable work hours.

We will go as far as to say that video based training will not deliver these efficiencies. What you require is an interactive and engaging learning platform that allows your employees to increase their long term memory retention and thus significantly helps to increase compliance or productivity. A video simply will not do that.

The following example is from a company with 300 employees which compares the difference between a traditional and an online approach.

Time saved by Implementing LMS

LMS and Cost Savings

In addition to increasing efficiency, a proper eLearning solution, including an LMS, will save approximately 66% on training costs. Our next blog will deal with this.

* Based on an assumption of 5, 2 hour contractor inductions every week.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog today on how to “Reclaim up to 58.3% of Training Time Back using an LMS”.

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