Selling Alcohol Responsibly

Description: The course Selling Alcohol Responsibly is aimed at the mixed trade (grocery with off-license section). It covers legal obligations and the requirements of the Responsible Retailing of Alcohol in Ireland Code of Practice (2009).
Legal: This training programme has been created with reference to the Licensing Acts 1833-2008 and in accordance with the Code of Practice on the Display and Sale of Alcohol Products in Mixed Trade Premises.
Certification: This courses is fully certified and in line with legal requirements.
Duration: Approximately 60 Minutes, however you can learn at your own pace and learning can be interrupted at any time.
Cost: €25
Short Description: Sections in this course include:  Instructions and Tutorial, Alcohol, Licensing Laws, Complying with the Law, Voluntary Code of Practice, Advertising and Selling Alcohol, Underage Drinking and ID, Refusing a Sale, Equal Status Act and Certification Test.
 Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements for this course.
Examination On completion of all modules you will be presented with a brief examination. You must achieve a pass mark of 60% from 20 questions in order to gain certification. The 20 questions are taken randomly from a bank of questions for each and every examination.
 Computer Requirements: Our online courses are very easy to use and all you need is a computer with an internet connection. It is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop and have installed Flash Player 8.0 or above. Courses can be taken on a tablet providing you are using a flash enabled browser.
eLearning Benefits: You can take this course anytime, anywhere, 24/7! You don’t have to complete the course in one sitting.  If you have to leave unexpectedly, or you just want to complete it later it will remember where you were, the last time you left it. You can also learn at your own pace. Learning has never been easier, you can get the course you need today and it’s just a click of a button away.


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It is vitally important that staff and business owners operate a strict responsible selling of alcohol policy. Failure to act responsibly could result in fines, imprisonment, losing your license, increased insurance costs, or losing your business.