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What Dulann Can Offer our Clients.

Does your organisation lose extensive amounts of time training new employees on particular software applications or business processes? Well here’s your answer!

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Dulann have partnered with Germany’s IMC to provide you with The Process Guide. The Process Guide is an EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System), essentially a GPS for software. It is a universally applicable, cost effective help function which effectively optimizes processes. The Process Guide is context sensitive, it can recognise what software system is being used and promptly displays the relevant information to guide users through the current process step and the steps that follow, it never leaves a question unanswered.

By checking the entries made by users, the Process Guide helps to ensure successful completion of tasks. Features Include:

  1. Immediate helpdesk function – Records screen and sends to helpdesk.
  2. Authoring Options – Creates media for different user groups in several languages.
  3. Reporting – User behaviour is made available in reports e.g. Compliance Records.
  4. Web Guide –  Can be used as a web client, it is not necessary to install the software, The Process Guide is available on browsers and devices.

The Process Guide can help your organisation reduce formal training by aiding employees to learn on the go, this will mean reduced help queries and a boost in overall productivity.


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