Learning Management System (LMS)

What Dulann Can Offer our Clients.

dulann.com provide a Learning Management System under the software as a service model for the documentation, administration, tracking and reporting of all your training programs, online events, training content and eLearning programs.

The LMS software performs a variety of functions related to online and in-person training administration along with providing additional tools which support career development, competency and talent management.  The design is web-based to facilitate “anytime, anyplace, any pace” access to training content and administration.

The system is highly customisable and offers an alternative to inflexible expensive systems.  Our customers can actively manage the development of their teams through individual development plans. This is a game-changing LMS  for the corporate sector, comprising a rich feature set with award winning support but with all of the benefits and freedom open source brings to play.

The LMS provided by dulann.com has been designed to create an easy to use yet feature packed Learning Management system. It provides unrivalled functions for the Manager and easy interface for the learner incorporating Social learning functionality.

Already have an existing LMS?  That’s not a problem: dulann.com also provide course licensing facilities which can enhance your existing online training strategy.

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Admin and Manager Features

  • Intuitive and automated management of all aspects of online training.
  • Brandable to your corporate look and feel.
  • Unlimited number of administrators and roles.
  • Instant reporting, analysis and related actions.
  • Built in assessment and survey engine.
  • Robust communication features including automated notifications.

Learner Features

  • Easy-to-use multimedia interface.
  • No training required to start your course.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Print transcripts, certificates, records of completion.
  • Track internal and external training.
  • Technical assistance available.

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