How important is eLearning in your organization?

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February 17, 2014
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How important is eLearning in your organization?

How important is eLearning in your organization?
One of the first questions you can ask a business is, “How much time do you devote to training in your organization?” and then, “What portion of that is eLearning?” Most answer sharing goals to expand, improve, or just get into it. If your organization is not using e-learning or if you use it but you are not planning and tracking it all, why would you want that to change?

Today e-learning is a broad category that includes mobile, games, social techniques and more. Companies that view e-learning as vital to training and development realize and track some key benefits.

Communications, Awareness , and Your Corporate Culture: Every business is different but e-learning can absolutely help you define and affect your corporate culture. Within every business is a culture that exists and you can create an awareness of, influence and reinforce your company vision and effect the culture as you are training on relevant topics. So many more people are connected today. You can use m-learning, video, serious games, interactive scenarios, polls, questionnaires… An online training initiative that meets your employees where they are by using the latest in media and media devices, can reinforce that they are working at a modern company.

Time And Budget Savings: Training and developing your staff regularly can not only provide a culture where everyone is on the same page, it can help improve performance, provide necessary skills, like new skills needed to deal with changing tech. Many businesses have budgeted time only and very little if any money to training. E-learning and m-learning can also be a viable option for you if you cannot afford to have the employees away from work for certain training.

ELearning can target or deliver to a group of employees or individuals without a live instructor. If a live instructor is still needed for certain portions of specialized training you can try a blended learning approach to save money and time. Employees can continue learning on the job or whenever it is convenient. There are turn-key courses out there can be your program or enhance the live training program. Even small businesses can use the most modern instructional techniques and tailor made materials for their business, within almost any budget.

Deliver To All Locations: Companies today have a world-wide presence. Remote employees or offices and employees on different continents, can all receive the same training.

Time Sensitive Training: With rapid e-learning techniques new product training information can be quickly added to the sales and marketing function.

Employee Growth That Stays In Your Organization: When company leadership sponsors the training, employee moral gets a boost, increasing the motivation to complete the training successfully, and boost in moral can mean less attrition. E-learning that cross trains your employees can help them become more adept at handling situations, and encourage them to grow their career with you.

Any sized business can benefit from eLearning whether they decide to produce in-house, engage with vendors for custom courseware, purchase libraries turnkey, or use a combination of all.

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