Health and Safety Training

Danger in the workplace

On average 49 people a year have lost their lives at work in Ireland in the past ten years according to statistics from the Health Service Authority. Almost half of those deaths have come from the Agriculture,forestry and fishing sector in that time.

The risk of course is certainly not limited to or at its peak in that sector. A further report by the HSA states “Between 2003 and 2012, almost half of the 573 reported deaths arising from workplace accidents were vehicle related. The Transport and Storage sector reports an average of 1000 injuries each year, resulting in up to 100 lost working days from injuries linked to manual handling, slips, trips and falls and being struck by vehicles”.

Dulann’s Health and Safety Online Training

Most companies cut their teeth on Health and Safety Training which is predominantly and initially driven by legislative requirements. This then progresses into other areas of health & safety with there being a significant increased demand for courses in VDU, PPE, Electrical Awareness etc. Online Health and Safety Training is fully endorsed by the Health & Safety Authority. For more information on our Health and Safety Courses please check out the links below!

About Dulann

Introducing, Ireland’s only dedicated eLearning company.

Our clients such as Greencore PLC are using the advances in technology to increase effectiveness whilst at the same time reduce costs. It’s not rocket science or anything new, it’s just a way of training that makes sense. The financial, medical, educational and retail professions have been using eLearning for years.

Managed online and available 24/7 from any location, dulann allows your employees the opportunity to complete their training at a time, place and pace that suits you. Of course all of this can be done on your very own branded corporate university website. This means that training can now be conducted during slow periods, unscheduled shutdowns, in small bite sized chunks, at home or at any time or place that suits your operations.

Dulann is creating an eLearning revolution and turning the training industry on its head by offering free training as part of our total solution. We also provide blended learning, classroom training, contractor inductions, procedure simulations and much more. Your information is now managed in a central location, available in real time to anyone with appropriate access rights. Our system allows you to manage your offline training too which will free up time spent on admin by up to 70%.

Your training delivery is always consistent with eLearning. Dulann provides you with the most innovative and engaging courses that actually deliver better results than traditionally taught courses. Cognitive learning theory applied to a SCORM compliant learning management system increases long term memory retention and provides a full audit trail.

Additional Information

All of Dulann’s Health and Safety training courses have been designed to meet the legislation of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. All of Dulann’s Health and Safety training course’s are fully certified and in line with legal requirements.

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