Dulann’s Total Corporate Solution

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June 12, 2015
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Dulann’s Total Corporate Solution

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Here at Dulann we are constantly striving to ensure our courses have been developed in line with the latest learning theory, to ensure maximum knowledge retention rates to the end user. We do not offer video based eLearning, our courses have been designed to be engaging and interactive, if people learn better, they are more productive. All our courses are fully certified, we have worked with industry experts to ensure they meet legal requirements and industry standards.

Our Ecommerce website allows individuals to purchase courses directly online, and learn at at time and place that suits them. Our business multi-buy option enables small businesses to order multiples of the same, or different courses, with discounts of up to 40% available depending on volume.

This brings me to our third option our total corporate solution. For businesses with 100+ employees we can offer to you your own branded learning management system, which can be accessed via your company’s own intranet. We have flexible payment options available, we will look at each individual corporate separately, and assess their needs to come up with a payment option that works for everyone.

As our courses are SCORM compliant, there is full tracking and reporting available on the Learning Management System. It is possible to log into the system to see how many employees are completing the courses, when they have logged in, how far they have progressed, how well they have done, etc. There are various other reporting facilities available, including exception reporting.

So why would you opt to choose eLearning to meet your compliance needs?

Online courses are more cost effective because less money is spent on travelling, room hire, refreshments, equipment hire, etc.
Online courses are more flexible because training is now scheduled around the business requirements meaning less disruption and down time.
They are more reliable as they will not be cancelled at the last minute.
Online courses are more convenient as they aren’t dependent on numbers. If you need one person trained, you can train that person immediately.
Online courses are more consistent, as the company achieves a set standard of training for all learners, regardless of location or variance in trainers.
They increases compliance as learners can learn at their own pace. This maximises memory retention rates.
Dulann’s online courses increase productivity as learners are forced to interact. This again maximizes memory retention rates.
Online courses are faster because they have a quicker delivery cycle, which is very important if you want to reach multi-sites or large numbers of people quickly.
Online courses are more responsive because you have control over your own branded Learning Management System.(An LMS essentially delivers, tracks and manages the training).
Online courses are more affordable with courses normally at a slightly lower price-point than traditional courses.
Online courses are more environmentally friendly.
They eliminate waste of time and money through reduced set up times, reduced irrelevant question time hogging, reduced social interaction times, reduced wind up time etc.
Using online courses for Inductions eliminates the need for On – Site Instructors.
Online courses can be less intimidating for learners who are not used to or do not like a classroom environment.

If we would like to learn more about our Total Corporate solution and the courses we provide, visit our website www.dulann.com or contact me on 087 3302373 or dominic.white@dulann.com