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dulann building a fairer world for SMEs'

World Health Day 2021 is all about building a fairer and healthier world. dulann are contributing to that ethos in our own way by bringing the world’s best compliance technology to the SME market. Balancing the scale if you will!

Of course today is not just about technology implementation because that would be a fairly lame highjack of such an important day, it’s about the ability of SMEs’ to make smarter and more efficient decisions around workplace compliance, including health and safety. This luxury should not be a privilege for only the world’s largest businesses and our mission at dulann is to help build that fairer world. 


An example of how this is achieved is through the real time reporting of Accidents, Incidents and Good Saves. By digitising the necessary forms and the company processes, this allows the company access to real time analytics. This real time picture allows the company to make proactive decisions. If a business can see in real time the number of accidents that occurred because of say “slips, trips and falls” over the last six months, then they can put a proactive campaign in place to reduce that based on real information. The results can then be tracked against that KPI. Ultimately this of course results in improved worker conditions but it also allows the SMEs’ an opportunity to become more efficient and compete with the world’s largest businesses. It is not fair that the world’s largest businesses get more efficient while the smaller SMEs’ stagnate, so that’s what we are trying to reverse in our own way. 


The traditional way of managing these processes in smaller SMEs’ of course is using paper based solutions. This works, but it obviously has time constraints in terms of getting real information back to people who make decisions. This problem is exacerbated in a multisite environment. Paperwork processes are also prone to human error and of course they then take time to collate and analyse. This is before we talk about document storage etc. In the meantime the world’s largest companies have made those decisions and have moved on to the next issue.


Of course not all of our services are just about saving time and money, by its very nature we are also contributing significantly to the environment by assisting every business we work with to aim for a better carbon footprint. One of our clients has just become the first carbon neutral production site of its kind in the world. We at dulann are delighted to have played a small part in this achievement by providing them with our paperless health and safety solutions.


At dulann we strive every day to provide our customers with the world’s best compliance technology at a price point they can afford, thus playing a small part in building a fairer and healthier world.

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