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dulann welcomes support from Mary Darlington CFIOSH

We are delighted to announce that Mary Darlington has agreed to support #teamdulann on our Journey. Initially Mary will be focused on a number of key topics that we know will be of significant interest to all EHSQ Managers.

In December, Mary and #teamdulann will be focusing on "Women’s Health". This is a vast topic, but in particular we will be looking at some of the issues that impact not just on women in the workplace, but also have a strategic and day to day impact on the role of an EHSQ Manager. These will include:

  • Suitability or Unsuitability of workplaces, equipment, tools and PPE which are typically all designed for the average man
  • Working from home for women, who typically have extra stressors such as childcare and home-schooling etc.
  • Effect of menopause on women at work
  • Role of the Employer if an employee reveals they are the victim of domestic violence

Stay tuned for the first instalment. We are super excited to be able to give back to our EHSQ community.

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