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The enormous shift to hybrid working has led to an unprecedented acceleration of the importance of digital learning strategies. For lots of Medium Sized Enterprises (MSEs), this starts at the most basic of levels i.e., a keen focus on upskilling their employees in the most economically advantageous way. 

For larger corporations there are Human Capital Management (HCM) software available that will even make your morning coffee! With that of course comes a price tag and a complexity that pretty much all MSE's can't justify. Our focus today is on organisations that have between 1 and 250 learners, who simply want a great value Learning Management System (LMS), that provides all of the basic functionality really well, at a fraction of the cost. In other words, HR and EHSQ managers that are looking for a system that will make their life easier and at the same time have some chance of getting Board approval for a budgetary spend!

The latest next generation dulann LMS has been 10 years in the making so here are just some of the main functionalities to help you decide on what’s right for you and your business: 


The “Learner’s Experience” is what a great LMS is all about. Learners have been exposed to how easy it is to book a flight online, how accessible, and easy it is to use social media etc. These expectations are often unmatched by technology companies whose products look like they were developed by software coders! (Because guess what…. They were!). At dulann we have ensured that no employee must complete more than “3 Clicks” to access their course!! The learner’s experience with an LMS has a significant impact on compliance levels in an organisation, so the selection of a service provider is not something to consider lightly. “Free” or “Cheap” will get you started but don’t expect it to have any real benefit on your business objectives. In addition to the end user being capable of completing their courses on a web browser on any device size, operating system or supported browser, dulann have also developed an App, which allows the learner to access their learning from the home screen of their smartphone, at any time or place. 

Mobile First Learning

Closely related to “Accessibility”, your LMS should allow you to play content that is “Mobile-First”. Mobile-First Design is very different from adaptive and responsive which is now seen as the norm. “Mobile-First” simply means that the course design is initially created for mobiles, and only then adapted for desktops. This principal goes against a well-established practice of lots of eLearning organisations where courses are built for bigger screens first and then adapt or respond to the mobile phone. You may say “So What’s the difference?” …Essentially all new courses built by dulann are now “Mobile-First” in philosophy. For the end learner on a phone this means subtle but important changes e.g., the navigation is easier, the load times are quicker, the text is less complicated etc. 

Downloadable eLearning Content

Your learners should be able to download course content from the LMS App, onto their mobile phone and complete that course at home or in a location with no WIFI. Just the same way as you would download a movie or music for listening to on a plane. When the learner is back in a WIFI zone they can then push their learning statistics back up into the LMS. The practicalities of this include the fact that learners can now complete bite sized learning while on their train commute or at home, without having the expense or the hassle of trying to find a reliable broadband connection. 

Creating Your Own Custom Content

An LMS provider that doesn’t allow you to deliver your own custom content hasn’t moved with the times. Not all corporates have the budget for their provider to supply them with a full bank of engaging eLearning content. Some corporates may even have their own instructional design team and will provide their own content, and some corporates prefer to create bite sized chunks of learning themselves. Either way your LMS provider needs to facilitate the provision of core content from a third party such as themselves, and/or give the corporate the ability to upload SCORM, PDF, Video content etc. dulann build course content using a Montessori and Cognitive approach to learning. These approaches help to gain maximum memory retention in the Learner, and as such you get maximum compliance. These courses are built using experienced Instructional Designers who understand how people learn, and in particular understand how people learn using technology. If you are starting on the LMS journey, then our suggestion is to procure engaging content for your core requirements, and then build out your library over time. We do suggest though that you do launch a new LMS with some meaningful content. Very often so much time and effort go into selecting an LMS that content is overlooked and corporates end up with a shiny new LMS, that when learners log into it there is no content! This doesn’t encourage the learner to log on again in the future. 

Smooth User Experience 

There is so much more to user experience than just how an LMS looks and feels. Key features will help engage the learner, and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. For example, Learning Paths are now a must for any LMS, as they give the learner the optimum learning experience. A Learning Path is a selection of courses that are related to a Role, Department, or some other common feature, that allows a Learner to master a particular subject. It allows the Administrator to enrol multiple users in multiple courses at once, saving valuable time. It's an incredibly simple, yet highly powerful feature. 

Other key features to watch for is the ability for the LMS to automatically suggest “Recommended Courses” with similar topics, and features such as “My Calendar”, clearly showing the learner’s certificate expiry times for example. All the above make a significant difference to your Digital Learning Strategy.

Integration with Other Systems

Environmental, Health & Safety compliance (including site safety induction training etc), is typically managed by the EHSQ Department, and they don’t have much of an interest in other types of non-compliance training from other Departments. We all know of course that other training is also required by Operations (SOP or Non-Conformance) or by HR (Employee Induction). Sometimes HR and EHSQ have an interest in common courses such as Manual Handling as an example, but so many corporates operate separate independent systems that don’t talk to each other. Some LMS providers have an EHSQ module, but most simply offer an open API to talk to a third party EHSQ system. And a huge amount of LMS providers don’t offer any potential to link at all. dulann have an application for Learning Management System (LMS), Environmental Health & Safety System (EHS), Quality Management System (QMS), Maintenance Management System (MMS) and later this year in Competitive Procurement Management System (CPMS). If your potential LMS provider can not scale the system into the future for other departments, then consider carefully starting the journey with them.

Dashboards and Reporting

This may seem a little obvious but, in this day, and age, an Administrator should be able to create their own Key Performance Indicator Dashboard, and their own Reports. Not alone should you be able to produce these, but you should be able to produce them easily, and you should be able to export certain key data to allow you to complete further manipulation if required. The very best LMS will allow you, your Location Managers, your Department Managers etc, their own unique views and the dashboards should allow you to manage by exception. dulann have a really neat traffic light dashboard that clearly allows you to see non-conformances, and also allows you the ability to quickly communicate with employees to rectify those non-conformances. Automated Notifications and Announcements should be a standard “out of the box” features for any modern day LMS. 

We hope this has helped you evaluate the LMS that gives you the best Return on Investment for your business and if you would like to book a demo, then please do so here.

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