Compliance & Policy Training

Challenge: Difficulties with Compliance 

A lack of compliance with any system and procedure will (without exception) have a significant negative impact on any organisation. The true financial cost of non compliance can be staggering and yet is one that is rarely quantified in any great detail. According to Worldwide Compliance Intelligence firm Enhesa “74% of Corporate EHS Executives had an enforcement action in the last five years”.

The reality for business is, that the real costs lie, not in compliance, but in non-compliance. A study by Enhesa found that the cost structure for non compliance costs broke down to “27% Direct Costs, 43% Indirect Costs, and 30% Opportunity Costs”. The difficulty arises when corporate’s try to achieve a standard level of compliance across multiple departments or multiple sites. It becomes even more difficult when hiring new employees or when new policies are introduced.

Dulann’s Solution

By far the easiest, quickest, cheapest and most effective way to train your staff on compliance and policy is through the use of eLearning. New starters buy into the culture and ethos of your organisation before they start while you foster a culture of ongoing compliance and awareness with your existing employees.

Training your workforce is always beneficial and at times the law, but it also extremely challenging for most organisations. Whether it be mandatory training, compliance training or professional development training, very often your operations simply cannot afford to release 10 people at a time to go sit in a room and train in a traditional fashion. This disruption can last weeks if not months and that’s before we get into travel costs, set up time and much much more inefficiencies.

Renewing existing employees training, particularly across multiple locations, becomes a logistical nightmare of excel spreadsheets, cancelled training dates and overall frustration. Staff responsible for Health & Safety, HR and Quality are already stretched so dedicating time to sitting with each employee in a room for hours on end, is time consuming, expensive and unnecessary. Outsourcing training can also become a chore in itself.

About Dulann

Introducing, Ireland’s only dedicated eLearning company.

Our clients such as Greencore PLC are using the advances in technology to increase effectiveness whilst at the same time reduce costs. It’s not rocket science or anything new, it’s just a way of training that makes sense. The financial, medical, educational and retail professions have been using eLearning for years.

Managed online and available 24/7 from any location, dulann allows your employees the opportunity to complete their training at a time, place and pace that suits you. Of course all of this can be done on your very own branded corporate university website. This means that training can now be conducted during slow periods, unscheduled shutdowns, in small bite sized chunks, at home or at any time or place that suits your operations.

Dulann is creating an eLearning revolution and turning the training industry on its head by offering free training as part of our total solution. We also provide blended learning, classroom training, contractor inductions, procedure simulations and much more. Your information is now managed in a central location, available in real time to anyone with appropriate access rights. Our system allows you to manage your offline training too which will free up time spent on admin by up to 70%.

Your training delivery is always consistent with eLearning. Dulann provides you with the most innovative and engaging courses that actually deliver better results than traditionally taught courses. Cognitive learning theory applied to a SCORM compliant learning management system increases long term memory retention and provides a full audit trail.

Additional Information

Video courses that are both expensive to make and expensive to update, are a thing of the past. Most people have tuned out after 2 minutes anyway proving it is a medium that simply does not deliver behavioural change and increased compliance.

Certification is only given once the employee has displayed a certain level of competence. This icon driven system is extremely easy to use by anyone that has exposure to mobile phones. Each employee’s competence level and actions are monitored, tracked and reported upon should it be required for whatever reason.

Rather than get bogged down in paperwork, now you can manage your employees by exception. Get notified when certificates are about to expire, give access to courses at the touch of a button rather than waiting for available dates from traditional training companies.

Our self paced and self directed learning approach allows your employees the maximum opportunity to retain information and by retaining information we greatly assist behavioural change and an increase in compliance and productivity.

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