Blended Learning

What Dulann Can Offer our Clients.

At we work with our clients to establish what training strategy is best for their needs. Very often we find that its a mix of deliverable’s that is just what the company is looking for. The blended approach whether for Manual Handling or for any other course allows you to positively extend the reach of effective trainers.

Example of our Blended Learning 2 step process:

One specific example of that in Ireland is Manual Handling. There are those that deliver and believe that this course can be delivered entirely online, then there are those (namely the HSA and the Judiciary), who believe it can not.
The best of both worlds is to deliver this course in a simple two step blended fashion.

Step 1: Manual Handling theory is a complex and difficult subject to train. The reality is that apart from tying up significant company time & cost, the engagement and long term memory of students in a traditional training setting is poor. By allowing the Manual Handling Theory to be completed online through an interactive process (Not Video), it not just frees up everyone’s time but it also increases engagement and long term memory retention.

Step 2: The second step is a brief invigilation process. Its really quite simple and straightforward as now the core focus of a FETAC Level 6 trainer, is not to deliver to a class who are no longer listening, but to assess the employee in their workplace. This is far better than sitting in a classroom environment where the employee cannot be assessed in their working environment.

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