Training is a waste of time. Your Time!

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Training is a waste of time. Your Time!


One of the primary goals of any training plan is to build a strong, competent and qualified workforce. In fact most would say that it is the main goal.

Obviously these people are very clever because what does a strong, competent and qualified workforce result in? Thats right people: profits (glorious profits in fact).

Now I can hear some of ye agreeing but I can hear one or two saying “What a load of old cobblers!”. Those one or two can look away now, because this blog is aimed at adults who operate in a professional capacity in a professional organisation. There are loads of people that believe training is only a box ticking, ass covering exercise and for those people I bid you farewell at this stage. It is past your bedtime.

89.8% of respondents to a recent international survey affirmed the fact that their organisational performance improved substantially due to the effectiveness of its workforce. No Nobel prizes for guessing that one but kudos goes to those who then ask: “How do I improve the effectiveness of my workforce?”

Well again the answer is pretty straightforward insofar as training is probably the main way to increase that effectiveness. Let’s assume for a second that you have put together a training plan based on skills gaps, progression, succession etc because most people are pretty good at that. But here is the point where most people in an SME environment start to struggle!

They struggle on two levels because:

  1. The first struggle surrounds delivering a training plan that is not just consistent in its delivery but where tangible benefits can also be measured. “Training” means so much to so many people but like everything in this life, there is great training and there is atrocious training. If you have multiple people, across multiple sites and maybe even multiple continents, achieving that consistency becomes difficult in a traditional classroom environment. (eLearning resolves all those issues by the way – Just saying!)
  2. Delivering that “Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me” plan all of a sudden becomes a nightmare. While everyone understands the benefits but now that they see the work that’s required in black and white, the enthusiasm isn’t as strong! The costs, the outsourcing, the impact on operations, the drain on resources, the administration all just become too much for a lot of organisations. (Ahem eLearning!!, What!! I gotta eat!!)

So what typically happens is our trusty Health & Safety Manager and/or our trusty HR Manager is assigned the task of conducting some of the training. The great unwashed would say “Sure isn’t that what they are paid to do?” Ahem WRONG!

Imagine spending years of your life in college to become a specialist in your field, only to be told to sit in a classroom and teach for most of your working week? Apart from the fact that you’re probably not too enamoured about a forced career change, the last time I looked, they didn’t have teaching skills as part of the Health & Safety or Human Resource courses. So this means that most people in these positions are not qualified and probably not even motivated to do spend their life in front of a room of disinterested people.

Remember how you felt when you qualified first? At that stage you were going to change the world. You were going to get the head down and focus on all the important strategic matters as well as getting the daily grind done. That was of course before the fact that the company is now so busy, and they have such limited resources, that they need you to spend your time training (which of course means that all the important strategic and enjoyable tasks get further and further away).

So the reality is that tying up a highly educated and experienced person to deliver training that they are not qualified or motivated to do, is in fact a huge waste of time and none so much that yours!

You don’t have to waste your time and that of others. Why not start now by visiting We don’t bite! (at first).

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