The Importance of Upskilling: Turning Towards Online Training

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November 23, 2017
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March 30, 2019
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The Importance of Upskilling: Turning Towards Online Training

Upskilling in the workplace is not a new concept, but the rate of change within the workplace and our working lives has seen a significant increase in the rate at which skills gaps develop, and as such, the rate at which upskilling is required.

The working environment is being constantly reshaped by a myriad of factors with technology being one of the foremost drivers, what is also becoming increasingly understood by many is that technology is also the most effective and efficient way to achieve rapid up-skilling.

In fact at this stage there is no doubt that any business, regardless of its size, which doesn’t embrace the technological advancement that eLearning has delivered, will see themselves left with competitive disadvantage.

Given the rate of change of our working environment these days, talent gaps can literally appear overnight and as such today’s employers want on-the-go learning capabilities to equip them with everyday challenges in their jobs. eLearning is now seen as the “Go To” solution, replacing a traditional training industry which has been slow-to-adapt.

A recent survey confirmed this need for upskilling with 72% of HR and L&D professionals believing employee development is important for their organisations, with upskilling accounting for an average of 46% of their training budgets. Employees are also becoming far more astute with understanding how to maximise their own time, and as such are much more open to the increases in memory retention and reduction in time and costs that eLearning courses can deliver over traditional training.

The focus for training in companies has to be on providing flexible, modern, learning and development solutions that enable organisations to harness the power of an engaged, knowledgeable workforce. Learning today has to be customisable to suit individual schedules and learning styles. Companies that acknowledge their employees individual learning requirements will often offer a mix of traditional, online and blended solutions depending on the task at hand and the individuals involved.

There are of course some challenges to virtual learning: the lack of face-to-face student-teacher relationships is just one. These challenges are however overcome quite quickly when the advantages and benefits of Montessori and Cognitive approaches to learning are delivered through qualified Instructional Designers. In addition to the application of education theories in eLearning, Dulann delivers engaging content that is tailored to your brand guidelines, your company culture and even more importantly: your business objectives. This results in content-rich, interactive courses that make learning easy whilst significantly increasing memory retention rates over other forms of training.

Dulann is creating an eLearning revolution and turning the training industry on its head by offering free training as part of the total solution. Dulann also provides blended learning, classroom training, and much more. There are course offerings in:
• Compliance and Policy Training
• Contractor Inductions / Employee Onboarding
• Process Training
• And so much more!

Check out Dulann’s full course offerings here, and start your online eLearning journey