February Training Partner News

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January 7, 2016
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May 4, 2016
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February Training Partner News


Retail Customer Care Awareness Course is now Live! 
There are 42,000 retail and wholesale businesses operating in Ireland, employing 270,000 people. The Retail Customer Care Awareness course covers topics that are important to get a basic understanding of delivering excellent Customer Care in a retail environment. The course is designed to help retailers increase revenue through excellent customer care. The six main topics covered are Customer Focus, Courtesy, Credibility, Communication, Competence and Consistency. It also covers the financial importance of Good Customer Care to a business as well as touching on topics such as up selling and cross selling. Whilst the main focus of this course is on the importance of Customer Care Awareness in retail businesses, the course can also be taken by people in any B2C customer care environment. A Hospitality version is being built currently.
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First sale to Global Japanese Corporation.
Congratulations to our Wexford Training Partner that just sold his first courses to an International client. This client saves time and money by getting their engineers to complete Irish compliant courses before they take the 14 hour flight to Dublin. Prior to being introduced to eLearning their engineers used to spend two additional days here in Ireland becoming compliant, before they could even access the facility that they needed to service. This saves them thousands of euro in overall spend. Do you know international businesses that require induction for staff coming to Ireland? If so then this is an easy and cost effective way to introduce them to your eLearning services.

January Success:
From acorporate perspective, the range of businesses and courses that were quoted for in January include:
(a) Financial Institution with 2300 employees. Full suite of Health and Safety Induction, Manual Handling and Fire Safety Awareness.
(b) Supermarket Chain with over 200 stores Nationwide. Full suite of Food Safety Level 1, Allergen Awareness, Food Safety Level 2, Selling Alcohol Sensibly.
(c) A Global Food Business with 800 employees. Full suite of Manual Handling, Fire Safety Awareness, Health and Safety Induction + 10 bespoke courses.
(d) Hotel Chain with 200 employees. Suite of Manual Handling, Fire Safety Awareness and Food Safety Level 1 courses.

Buy one get one free Week
Congratulations to one of our training partners who made €650 on just two sales in their buy one get one free week!!

Next Courses
Patient Handling and Chemical Awareness seem to have the largest demand from our Training Partners at the moment. We are currently completing the “Alpha Phase” of the Patient Handling course and hope to have that out to review in the coming weeks.

Interesting eLearning Facts
Ernst and Young decreased training costs by 35% and reduced delivery time by 52% after implementing eLearning.
Did you know that Hilton International, Best Western Group, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) and Holiday Inn all use eLearning as a means to train their colleagues.
ELearning is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
We came across this eLearning testimonial recently from the head of International Management Development at the Hilton, which you may find interesting: “Friends say of me that I consider Luddites to be a bunch of dangerous modernists so that should give people some indication of how IT literate I was! Where e-learning is concerned, I used to be a complete agnostic. But, twelve months on, I’m totally converted. Now that we have experienced such measurable benefits, I would have no hesitation in giving e-learning a 100% recommendation to any organization.” JOHN GUTHRIE Head of International Management Development Hilton International.

As part of our culture of giving back to our community, www.dulann.com have introduced an initiative called #TeamDulannGivesBack .
We strongly believe that by empowering ourselves to do more, that businesses can have an impact on driving real change within our community.
Every month our colleagues select a worthwhile cause and that organisation will then receive the monthly prize of €150. €50 of this will be donated in Cash and €100 will be in the provision of online training of your choice.
We are delighted to say that Access2000 has been selected as the #TeamDulannGivesBack organisation for the month of January.
ACCESS 2000 is a Community Development Project based in Wexford Town in the South East of Ireland which evolved to enable women to develop the skills necessary for them to feel worthwhile in the workforce and their communities.
The key values which inform our work are empowerment, participation, inclusion, equality, respect, trust and openness.

We extend a warm welcome to our Wicklow Training Partner “Choice Training”. We are delighted to see four big sales meetings in Wicklow in the very first month of being a partner. May you have a rewarding partnership.

Sales Initiative
We have set up and attended a number of meetings in conjunction with our training partners to crosssell online and offline training services. We have found this particularly beneficial and remember we are here to compliment your existing business, not take from it. This approach allows you to focus on making money while you sleep but it also allows you to focus on the companies that don’t wish an online element whilst at the same time servicing those that do. If you would like us to attend any meetings with you, then please make contact with us today on info@dulann.com

If you have any questions about the service we provide to training partners or corporates, please do not hesitate to make contact with us. Email us directly on info@dulann.com