eLearning is good for employee retention, because…

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eLearning is good for employee retention, because…

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It helps increase identification with the organisation.
One of the reasons employees leave a company is due to the lack of professional training. Investing in eLearning improves your company’s credibility and also demonstrates your company’s value regarding education and knowledge development. When employees can see themselves growing in their careers they become more loyal to your organisation.

It helps increase learner motivation.
One of the more popular challenges for eLearning is the learners’ lack of motivation. Learners may not be entirely enthusiastic about the content or the subject might not interest them. The solution to this is to present them with a course that is as engaging and inspiring as possible. Even boring topics can become exciting when learners are able to interact with content in a meaningful way. Incorporating scenarios in eLearning gives learners the opportunity to identify with the subject, rather than just reading about it.

Self-paced eLearning puts the learner in control.
Adult learners prefer to have control over their learning, time and deadlines can be a turn-off for most. Self-paced learning allows for flexibility in progressing through the course and picking up where your last session ended. Slower learners appreciate eLearning, because they can absorb the facts without being rushed. Faster learners can progress at their own pace.

It helps to improve employee productivity.
Great eLearning content has a significant impact on learner motivation and therefore increases knowledge retention. Motivated learners are more likely to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge. This will significantly improve productivity.

It helps save on training costs.
Once the system is set up, you will no longer need to print out training manuals or pay for an on-site facilitator. This will greatly reduce your training costs. All training materials will be on the learning management system. Employees and management will greatly benefit from the flexibility of training online.

Overcome eLearning challenges
Whether your audience are corporate executives or entry level employees there are a variety of challenges that will prevent learners from taking in the content of the course. We take care to avoid common distractors by using easy to understand language and easy to use design.

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